Monday, 12 January 2015

Am I Born to Die? 31st January 2015

On the 31st wea proud to be playing this excellent afternoon / evening of music at Caroline Gardens Chapel, Asylum, London. You can check out the Facebook event HERE.

Sunday, 28 December 2014

2014: a brief retrospective.

50 gigs, two UK tours, a number of shows around Eastern Europe, the Leigh Folk Festival, our first vinyl release and the release of our second full-length album 'Into the Failing Light' are just a few of the great things that have occurred this last year. It has been an action packed year full of great people; we are very thankful for everyone's help and all the new experiences. Over the summer, during my sojourn in Latvia, I wrote and recorded two new EPs of material which will be seeing the light of day in 2015 - more news on that to follow. This winter we'll hopefully be heading to the studio to work on the next full length and a new set of material. 

Below you'll find some of my favourite photos from our last trip around the UK. 

Congratulations to Emma for passing her Grade 8 Music Theory.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Autumn Tour 2014

We will be on tour over the next few weeks, travelling to some old favourite venues and new ones all over the UK. Here are all the dates:

19 November 14 - Upstairs at The Castle
Diana Collier, Roshi and the Marbles Jackson
£5 / 8.00pm
Facebook Event

20 November 14 - Church of Sound at Rosy Lee's tearoom
Nottingham. 8pm
Facebook Event

22 November 14 - Cardiff Library
Cardiff, Wales

23 November 14 - Spit & Sawdust
Unit B, Rhymney River Bridge Road,
Cardiff, Wales. 5pm start
Facebook Event

27 November 14 - Blue Rinse
Newcastle, Bar Loco. 8pm
With Legion of Swine
Facebook Event

29 November 14 - Gappy Tooth
The Wheat Sheaf, Oxford
Facebook Event

30 November 14 - Power Lunches
London - Muh He Con
Facebook Event

5 December 14 - St Pauls Church,
With Fuzzy Lights
Doors at 8pm. Tickets £5 adv / £7 on the door.
Facebook Event

6 December 14 - Weird Garden, Decimal Place
With Muh He Con and Arma Agharta

18 December 14 - Guests on Library of Aethers radio show

19 December 14 - Colchester Arts Centre
Goodiepal,The Dyr Sister, Daniel Merril, Harpoon Group.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Poznan to Riga

This was my second time in Poznan this year, except on this occasion cold winds weren't sweeping through the streets and the sun shone on the art nouveau facades. The venue for the show was Troche Kultury, a widely used space for experimental music. Bachorze ( ) was the other act on the bill, a local improv-trio who played an exciting mixture of prepared guitar, droning synth and baritone sax. Their blend of sounds tended more towards the harsher end of drone, with the synth underpinning frequent squalls from the sax or guitar, and occasionally rising higher in the mix, bubbling away with melodic series of bleeps.


Poznan City Centre

Art Nouveau Ghetto (above / below)

Following the advice of the Tourist Info office I went on a solo walking tour of a district that contained many art nouveau facades, that was away from the city center. Situated across the railway lines, this region of Poznan has not been cleaned and polished in the same way as the center. Unfortunately, my camera battery died half way through this jaunt, but I did manage to capture a couple of nice examples.

This was the last date of the trip, a twenty hour bus ride back to Riga loomed, broken only by an hour stop off at Vilnius bus station. Fortunately, the Globe bookshop in Prague had furnished me with some excellent reading material making the journey smoother.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Berlin into Autumn

The first Berlin show was a pretty miserable experience for me, being in a crowded bar with a huge amount of talking, it felt a pointless exercise and I left on a down note. Fortunately, the next day was spent exploring the Byzantine art in the Bode Museum. The next show made up for the previous night's, it was in Donau115, a gallery / bar in Kreuzberg which had recently installed Yoni Hong's Plastic Jungle piece. In support were the the delightful talents of Naomi Jean ( Noami's Bandcamp ) who led the audience in two improvised percussion and vocal pieces, as well as playing several of her own songs. 

Gallery / Venue Donau 115.

Naomi Jean

Plastic Jungle by Yoni Hong